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Core Curriculum

Our Curriculum

To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, all classes in Key Stage 1 and 2 follow topic themes.

The ‘topic-based’ approach to the curriculum which we follow at Bridgtown Primary means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a broad theme. The topics we choose depend on three factors:

  • The content set out in the National Curriculum for each of the subjects
  • The interests and needs of the children
  • The core values of our school

In following the National Curriculum – it sets out subjects and content which we must teach. Within this, however, there is flexibility so that we can interpret and plan to meet the needs and interests of our children now and for the future. The key aim for all our teaching and learning is to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, to enjoy and to achieve.

How we deliver our curriculum?

A two year cycle

The delivery of the curriculum is based on your child’s own class: most subjects and skills are taught by the same class teacher. However, many of the topics we’ve planned are shared across ‘partner classes’ in school – Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. 

Early Years

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we have an emphasis on learning through play. Staff observe children’s interests and then plan learning opportunities to develop skills further. Our dedicated team encourage the children to fulfil their maximum potential using a broad curriculum complimented by a stimulating environment. Indoors, Bridgtown has areas for role play, reading corners, a sensory room and places for quiet reflection. Outdoors there is a large bright space with a stage, a role play shed, a home corner, a garden, a sensory walk plenty of open space for bikes and cars and a climbing frame. We encourage all our children to develop the skills and attitudes needed for independent learning.



Key Stage 1

We nurture the children’s knowledge and understanding through an active approach to learning. The curriculum is accessed through a topic based approach. We develop children’s reading and writing through daily phonics; this is linked to creative writing themed weeks. A wide range of strategies are used to encourage a good basic understanding of mathematics.



Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

In Key Stage 2 we provide a skills based creative curriculum. The focus is on active learning which involves discussion, group work and practical activities through child initiated themes. During this stage of learning we aim to nurture and develop the children’s ability to become independent learners in preparation for becoming young adults. We work closely with local secondary schools ensuring the transition is supportive allowing the children to leave us equipped and confident for their next stage of education.