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How do I book my child a school dinner?

Our school use School Grid to book a school dinner. If you do not have an account please contact the school office.


How do I pay for a school trip?

The school use Parent Pay to pay for school trips. If you do not have an account please contact the school office and they will assist you in setting this up.


What day is swimming day?

Swimming for Year 4 children is on a Friday. Only Year 4 children go swimming. 


What does my child need in their swimming kit?

Your child needs a plain swimming costume or swimming trunks. The boys are not allowed to wear swimming shorts-this is a pool stipulation. If your child has hair that is past their shoulders, they will need to wear a swimming hat. Your child will need a towel. 


What is Inspire afternoon?

Inspire afternoon is an opportunity for parents to come in to school and work alongside their child completing an activity that is related to their child's topic. Activities will be linked to areas of the curriculum e.g. sewing, clay, design and technology, arts and crafts. Inspire afternoons are once a term. 


Does the school have a Facebook page?

The school has a Facebook page. The link is: Bridgtown Primary School | Facebook


Does my child's class have Google Classroom?

Each class a Google Classroom. If your class is using this for homework or information sharing, your class teacher will contact you. In Key Stage 2, Google Classroom is used during lesson time.