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Bridgtown Primary School


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Curriculum - Modern Foreign Languages

It is our vision that studying a foreign language will allow children to develop curiosity about the world and a variety of cultures. We aim to develop a love of learning and inspire a genuine interest about foreign languages.

The study of a language is seen as an important part of our pupils’ education as languages it provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils. Learning French contributes to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal fulfillment. Pupils learn to appreciate different countries, cultures, communities and people. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure in this country and throughout the world.


Curriculum Rationale

At Bridgtown, our Pupils will begin to learn French on entry to Key Stage Two. They will begin by finding out where French is spoken before listening carefully to language, repeating what they hear, showing understanding and responding to what they have heard. As children progress they will begin to link words together into short phrases and eventually grammatically correct sentences.

Children will begin to say, read and write single words in French before progressing to longer pieces of text. They will learn to use dictionaries to decipher the meaning of new words within familiar texts and will adapt model texts to write sentences in French of their own. Children will regularly recap core vocabulary through songs, rhymes, practical activities and games. This core vocabulary will be revisited and built upon throughout the units they encounter. Children will enjoy rhymes and songs in French as we recognise these are a key method of engaging children and supporting them to remember new vocabulary.

The intent of our languages curriculum is to use the Rigolo scheme of work to ensure that we offer our children a relevant, broad and ambitious curriculum.  We aim to develop a love of learning and inspire a genuine interest and curiosity about foreign languages. Throughout KS2 children will focus on the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, which will be taught together with necessary grammar.  This will lay down foundations for future language learning particularly on their transition to their local high school where French is a taught subject. We aim to build the children’s ‘culture capital’ so that they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures.



The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of Languages later in school through the planning and teaching of ‘Understanding the World’. Understanding the world involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community. The frequency and range of children’s personal experiences increases their knowledge and sense of the world around them. Children discuss their own families and family life and develop positive attitudes about differences between people. Children will develop an awareness of other countries in the world and talk about the differences they have experienced themselves or seen in pictures. At Bridgtown, children learn about different languages in Reception and each week learn a new language to say ‘hello’ to greet their friends and teacher.

What does MFL look like in EYFS?


MFL in KS2

Our MFL curriculum is designed:

  • to enable our children to become independent, respectful and successful adults
  • to provide a relevant, progressive and well-structured MFL curriculum which enables children to develop and master a broad knowledge and wide range of skills
  • to provide a creative, stimulating curriculum for pupils at Key Stage 2 where they can enjoy playing with language and become life-long lovers of French.

Our MFL curriculum structure:

Our MFL scheme, Rigolo, is taught in KS2. It is taught once a week and focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Topics within the scheme focus on everyday communication in areas which directly relate to young people. For example, topics include Family, Music, Festivals, School, Weekend activities and Future plans. Topics build knowledge sequentially with opportunities to revisit and build on children's prior learning – deepening knowledge and understanding. Links are made in learning through recurring themes throughout our curriculum. Skills, grammar, structures and vocabulary are revisited and interweaved so children can revisit themes and topics throughout their progression at our school to help develop a good understanding in a language.


Long term plan

Medium term plan- Year 3

Medium term plan- Year 4 

Medium term plan- Year 5

Medium term plan- Year 6